Bob's Days*

KINROSS, MICHIGAN, on Russ's ranch on the upper penninsula. Them big boys make my big hog look so small.

WACO, TEXAS. You saw this view on CNN for too many days, years ago. In the ruins of the destruction, they are building a new church.

CRATER LAKE, OREGON, northern rim. Bob was there.

NEAR CUSTER, SOUTH DAKOTA. Look beyond my favorite horse, and you'll see a Crazy Horse.

SOUIX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA is just east of the porcelain repair company which is just west of Bob, while he sits on the roadway near their driveway.

UNION, MISSOURI was like another planet. I saw a campfire near an open field, and I pulled in to try my luck. Well, Rich was burning off some old tree limbs and he let me camp near the fire, which was so blasted hot, it nearly burned my camper. Rich was a bit odd, and I was a bit nervous, but I hung in there. He had groomed the field to build a golf driving range, and that made the place a bit bizzare. He had bought a small gas station booth at auction, and that added to the surreality. Dozens of hunting dogs yapped in their cages next to his mobile home, which I actually dared to enter, at his insistance. Inside his tiny, overcrowded living room is where I met Beano, his goat. And there you have it.

Someplace -- Bob won't always tell where he's been -- someplace beautiful.


ABOVE JARBIDGE, NEVADA, in big country, where even Bob feels small.

NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA, where for Christmas, they light up the cute, little town like nowhere else.

WESTERN NEVADA, where you never have to worry about being stranded, for you can count on another car coming by any day now.

BEAR PASS, in late June, where you can see Wyoming and Montana, and, depending on your attitude, Heaven and Hell.

I CAN'T TELL YOU how many times I crossed the Continental Divide, but here is one of them.

I THOUGHT I WAS PRETTY cool, riding Bob up this shallow creek, following a farmer on his tractor. The creek bed got really slick, and Bob just slid out from under me, leaving me up this creek without a ride. We righted Bob, and I got this shot. GRAVEL SWITCH, KENTUCKY.

LITCHFIELD, ILLINOIS, at the Sky View Drive-in.

ELLAVILLE, GEORGIA, or what's left of it.

NORTHERN IOWA, I believe. I nearly got killed taking this shot. I heard a car approaching as I took the last snap. I jumped on the bike and took off, with a small truck hot on my tail. Another second and I wouldn've been roadkill.

WESTERN INDIANA, where there are at least 3 dozen beautiful covered bridges.

REDWOOD FOREST, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.The house is made of a single redwood log. The bike is made of a lot of steel.


NOTHING, ARIZONA, where all four residents say hello.

REDWOOD FOREST, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. No tricks here -- that is one huge tree. (Bob is about 7 feet long.)

DEVIL'S LAKE, NORTH DAKOTA, where, if it wasn't for sandbags, Bob would be underwater, and so would I. The Lake has been rising and swallowing acreage and homes every year for decades.

SOMEWHERE IN COLORADO. I'll park Bob anywhere when the clouds roll in.

GILCHRIST, OREGON. My most favorite movie theater in the whole world, even if it hasn't shown a movie in years.

AMONG THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS, WASHINGTON. Don't know who that is on the ferry next to Bob, as we head out to Shaw Island, in the San Juan Islands.


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